Why regular pet screenings just got more affordable

Why regular pet screenings just got more affordable

For many modern veterinary clinics, the days of sending blood samples to an off-site lab are over. Clinics have invested in in-house testing equipment so they can perform basic diagnostic procedures on-site, like blood tests, urinalysis, and some imaging.

This is great for their clients, who would naturally prefer things to happen as fast as possible. Meanwhile, clinics are able to offer a broader range of services and take on more business. Win-win.

In-house testing capacity should mean vets can perform regular preventative health screenings, but while this is common practice in countries like the US, other places like the UK lag some way behind. So, why is this? Especially given that testing capacity is largely comparable between the two countries.

At Virax Vet, our conversations with vets across the industry have tended to yield the same answer - it’s too expensive. Being able to offer cheap, regular, and reliable screening for pets is something that most vets would love to do more of, but many pet owners can’t afford regular screenings, and most are reluctant to take their pet to a clinic unless there’s already an issue.

In response, Virax Vet have developed a ground-breaking range of rapid easy-to-use in-house diagnostic test kits that can screen for a range of major viral and protozoal diseases in as little as five minutes.

Testing this way is a game changer for veterinary clinics. By reducing the amount of time and resources it takes to screen domestic animals for disease, vets should be able to reduce costs. The ability to screen for several disease threats in one rapid test makes regular health checks more feasible for clinics and more affordable for pet owners.

Identifying problems early ultimately leads to more timely health interventions and better treatment outcomes. In many cases this can be lifesaving for pets. Whether it's detecting common infections, like canine distemper or feline leukaemia, Virax Vet’s rapid tests support a cost-effective and holistic approach to pet healthcare.

Rapid testing helps vets make fast and informed decisions. Whether it's isolating a sick pet to prevent the spread of infection or starting with a treatment straight away, quick results give pet owners the peace of mind they are looking for and mean clinics aren’t routinely being chased for test results by anxious clients.

Finally, by being able to offer cutting-edge rapid testing capabilities, veterinary clinics can position themselves at the forefront of their industry, boost their reputation, and drive growth.


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